Clever kitchen design can make even the smallest space feel welcoming. With a few simple ideas you can maximise the available space and create a kitchen that feels both functional and beautiful despite its small footprint.

Optimise storage solutions with bespoke kitchen cabinets

As you design your kitchen, consider how each cabinet will be used to make the workflow more efficient.

Bespoke kitchen cabinets will create extra storage in any spare nooks in your kitchen. A sliver of space between your fridge and the wall could house a slimline pull out pantry, while kickboard drawers are a smart way to make the most of underutilised space below your cabinets. The backs of cabinet doors, the underside of shelves and the area above the kitchen door can all be put to good use.


Utilise your vertical space

If you’re blessed with high ceilings, consider installing cabinets that take advantage of every inch of space to maximise the available square footage. Use clever kitchen design tricks including statement light fixtures to draw the eye upwards and create the illusion of space.

Even without a high ceiling, taller cabinets or open shelving will also make the most of vertical storage opportunities.

Keep your kitchen design light and bright

Maximising the sense of space in a small kitchen doesn’t have to mean all-white cabinets. A palette of carefully chosen neutrals with one or two predominant colours will begin to open up the space while light reflecting surfaces and accessories will bounce light around your kitchen for an effortless feeling of space. Glass fronted cabinets provide useful storage that looks effortlessly spacious.

Add under cabinet LEDs or pendant lights and consider installing skylights to open up your kitchen to more natural light.

Plan a kitchen extension

If you want to create a feeling of space in your small kitchen, you may need to consider a kitchen extension. An underutilised integral garage or side return can create a beautiful bespoke kitchen-diner while just a few metres borrowed from another space can open up a small kitchen into something that feels far more spacious.

Plan your kitchen extension carefully and effectively and it’s possible to create maximum impact even when space to extend is at a premium.

Declutter, declutter, declutter

The smaller your space, the more important it is that you ruthlessly edit down the number of items you need to store. Invest in compact space-saving kitchen gadgets and then make sure you have a place for everything.

You could also consider using slimline furniture to create the optical illusion of space in your small kitchen.

Invest in bespoke design

At Kit Parkington we create bespoke hand crafted furniture that will enhance your kitchen whatever its size. We’ll create a kitchen design that maximises every inch of the available space to create a bespoke kitchen in our signature style. From English modern classic to contemporary Italian, we’ll help you design your ideal kitchen or plan a kitchen extension that opens up your kitchen space in exciting and unexpected ways. Contact us today for more details.