Do you often feel as though your kitchen design is lacking something but you can’t put a finger on what it is? Sometimes it’s just lacking that WOW factor as your guests walk in. A perfect solution for this is to incorporate a splashback feature. This bespoke modernising kitchen feature will instantly add material and texture to your current design. For tips on how to incorporate a splashback, you could consider picking a contrasting colour to your existing colour scheme. Equally, you could experiment with contrasting materials or textures. 

Look at how these splashbacks elevated these 5 kitchen designs for inspiration:

Bronzed Mirror Splash-Back

This bronzed mirror splashback’s understated elegance is the perfect choice to pair with this gorgeous white marbled ‘Monaco’ worktop from the classic Quartz range. Including a bronzed mirror splash back into your kitchen design will help open up the room and make it feel more spacious. Which, if your kitchen is on a smaller scale, it will benefit from.

Slate Splash Back

Slate is an unbeatable clean and crisp material to include in your kitchen if you want to create a moody modern effect. Its charismatic charm screams sophistication in the kitchen and will instantly boost your kitchen to the next level. Design Tip: slate splashbacks work beautifully when you contrast them against a monochromatic colour scheme.

Antiqued Bronzed Mirror Splash-Back

This antiqued bronzed mirror splashback will certainly give your kitchen design that design flare it’s missing. Its decorative texture is compatible with multiple different surfaces. You can marry this timeless splashback with a smooth granite or marbled surface.

Marbled Splash-Back

Marbled Splashback

Choose a marble splashback as the complementary accessory to elevate your kitchen design. Marble is a well known modern luxurious material, that is low maintenance to upkeep.

Multicoloured Splash Back

Multicoloured splashbacks can be infused into any kitchen design. The versatile design can be approached differently depending on your kitchen colour scheme and style. Whether you want to add a colour confident statement or subdued feature a multicoloured splashback is your best adaptable option.

There are endless possibilities of the different splashback designs you could create. Contact Kit Parkington Kitchens today to discuss designing a bespoke kitchen that’s timeless.