There are many myths attached to kitchen remodelling that can mislead many homeowners. These can be detrimental to the overall satisfaction of the project outcome. To ensure that those myths have been stopped, we’ve highlighted the 5 most common.

1. You don’t need a professional, upgrading your kitchen is as easy as DIY.

You may have seen a lot of videos trending of individuals taking renovations into their own hands. Throughout lockdown, there has been an increase in the amount of DIY renovation projects getting carried out which is amazing. However, a lot of projects that begin as small DIY tasks become big mistakes that need resolving. This is mostly down to misjudgement of the scale of the task. Undertaking a renovation project yourself can affect your property’s value when you come to sell it in the future. Also, it could lead to safety issues arising. To ensure that the project is carried out in line with building regulations and government guidelines, hire a professional to avoid getting it wrong!.

 2. Your kitchen style must match the current day trends.

The secret to having a long-lasting kitchen that defies changes to trends in the kitchen world is… not following them!. Well to a certain extent. By this I mean don’t base your ideas solely on what everyone else is doing. This is because the style you choose needs to reflect your family’s needs in order for you to get the most use out of it. Therefore whilst you may seek many of the kitchen styles you see, assess its practicality and function to you as a family. Researching into the different variations of kitchens available is highly recommended for you to get the most satisfaction out of your renovation. For some, you’ll find you steer more towards an English modern classic style where others prefer that Italian contemporary feel- the decision is yours.

 3. There is a limit you should spend on your kitchen remodel.

Depending on the scale of renovation you’re after, the budget you set aside can vary. However, when calculating your ideal budget, build in the possibility of ideas/ materials changing. Naturally, you may find changes happening across the duration of your project which will mean your budget may increase or decrease. It’s perfectly okay for fluctuations in budgets to happen. So you shouldn’t worry if you then exceed what you set aside. 

 4. You don’t need to think of the lighting plan till nearer the end.

 There is a common misconception around what stage lighting gets introduced to the designs. The discussions about lighting options and placement should be held early on in the design stages. This is because it can influence the overall feel of the room. Lighting can enhance areas that are dimmer than others or simply highlight the different depths to the floor layout. 

 5. Save money and go for the cheaper floor option.

 You may find yourself scarily nearing the bottom of your budget. Maybe skipping the last hurdle and opting for a cheaper floor seems like the best option- it’s not!. The overall aesthetic can rest on the floor covering. After spending so much time deliberating the different materials, colours and fittings to build your perfect kitchen- don’t neglect your final flooring decision.

At Kit Parkington, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke designs that are carefully constructed to your kitchen visions. Your projects demands are in our safe hands. We specialise in both English Modern Classic designs as well as Contemporary Italian. Contact us for expert advice on your kitchen remodel.