Whatever your style is, a spacious and sophisticated kitchen is surprisingly easy to achieve. Whether you crave an English classic look or you prefer to keep your bespoke kitchen sleek and chic, a few simple kitchen design tricks will give your space an effortlessly stylish look.

Add ambience to your kitchen extension with light

When you’re designing a kitchen extension, the introduction of as much natural light as possible through skylights or a lantern roof creates ambience and an effortless sense of spaciousness. Your design choices can make a big impact, influencing the overall look and function of the space.

If you’re installing a white kitchen for its uncluttered and timeless appeal, add interest and drama with a mixture of lighting styles including pendant styles for drama. Try an ornate chandelier to define a dining space or industrial lighting with an English classic kitchen.


Enhance your bespoke kitchen with colour

Creating a feature wall can create personalised and stand-out style in any kitchen. A sumptuous heritage colour will set off a bespoke kitchen finished in Farrow and Ball neutrals, while a mirrored or bronzed backsplash effortlessly creates a sense of space and style to enliven the sleek lines of a contemporary kitchen.

It only takes one striking shade to bring your kitchen to life from the Pantone colour of the year to deep and sultry navy, aubergine or black. If a feature wall doesn’t work for your space, add pops of colour with your appliances and accessories.

Choose clean lines

If you’re looking for a pared-back space then you might opt for handleless cabinetry to create that sense of spaciousness, particularly in a smaller kitchen. You won’t have to compromise the look if you’ve set your heart on a Shaker-style kitchen. Choose in-frame cabinets and sleek handles for classic minimalist style.

The key to maintaining that feeling of spaciousness is to keep your kitchen uncluttered, so when you’re planning your kitchen design allow for sufficient storage with deep pan drawers and floor to ceiling cabinets to keep that effortless sense of space and flow.

Create the perfect island

Spacious and stylish design for your kitchen is all about creating functional and calming spaces that let you add your own trademark style. What better way than with a feature island that reflects your personal style and aspiration for your kitchen?

From ultra sleek and modern to a traditional design, the island creates an automatic focal point but is adaptable enough to suit the aesthetic of any kitchen for an effortlessly stylish look. They’re the perfect place to experiment with colour or incorporate elements that make your style stand out.

Think about texture

Textures can make your bespoke kitchen sing and create an effortlessly stylish look and feel to any space. Whether you prefer to add warmth with wood or elegance with metallics like brass and copper, texture will add indefinable chic and luxury to your space.

Classic and contemporary kitchen design from Kit Parkington

At Kit Parkington we can turn your vision for an effortlessly stylish and spacious kitchen extension into reality by blending bespoke design with our superb kitchen ranges from English modern classic to Italian contemporary.