Bespoke Kitchen Design Key Features

If your looking to create a bespoke kitchen design but aren’t sure where to start we have the perfect checklist for you! We’ve listed 7 different design features which we feel are absolute game-changers to any kitchen design. Whether you’re looking to renovate your entire kitchen or are looking for quick fixes you’ll definitely find some useful tricks and inspiration.

1. Design Practical To Its Purpose: 

A successful bespoke kitchen design will carefully place each appliance/counter based on its demand and usage. The best way to design your kitchen is to break it down into zones. Think of all the different areas it caters for. For instance; a space for cleaning, cooking and socialising. Evaluating your different zones will contribute to the success of your kitchen layout.

2. Light:

Similarly, you can personalise your lighting scheme to complement your kitchen layout.
A bespoke kitchen design will purposely position lights in areas that elevate the details in the design. For instance including spotlight lighting under cabinets. 

3. Enclosed Appliances:

Have you considered enclosing your appliances with units? It’s a great way to elevate your kitchen to the next level. This bespoke feature is the perfect solution for bulky ovens or standalone fridges which stand out from your design. Eliminating that feeling of discrepancies.

4. Pick Plug Sockets That Match Your Design:

Designing your kitchen down to the last detail such as what plug socket you’re using and where it’s placed can unknowingly make or break a design. You may not know this, but there are countless other plug outlet designs to choose from beyond the standard white outlet. Have you tried customising your outlet colour to match the colours in your design? Doing so will ensure your bespoke kitchen design isn’t overlooked by an eye-catching white plug socket. Equally, you must get the placement of your plug socket right. Practicality is key. This is why we suggest looking ahead to what appliances you desire as it ensures your plug sockets are positioned accordingly.

5. Why Not Include a Hot Water Tap?

Not only is a hot water tap ideal for your convenience whilst cooking. It also will de-clutter your surfaces as you no longer need a kettle appliance. It is also a common feature in bespoke kitchens that saves you time, space and water.

6. Modify Your Materials and Colours:

Rather than being restricted to a pre-made kitchen, take control and design one for your individual taste. Choosing to design a bespoke kitchen enables you to make alterations to any and every detail. For example, you can pick what materials are used in the design and how they’re distributed. As well as the finish of each cabinet and surface, along with the colour.

7. Customise Your Storage:

Creating that gorgeous streamlined kitchen is easy when you customise your storage. This neat little design trick (excuse the pun) is a common necessity for many homeowners. You can customise your storage by using dividers in the inside of your drawer units or by designing a drawer spice rack.
This will instantly declutter your surfaces by keeping appliances out of sight from guests. These are just two examples, but there are so many more to get creative with!

Confine in a Kitchen Designer

Here at Kit Parkington Kitchen’s, we’re excited to hear about your visions and make them a reality. Whether you’re after an English Modern Classic kitchen design or Italian Contemporary our expert team will be able to exceed the potential of your project. Contact us today to begin your renovation journey.