Follow these simple kitchen design tricks to instantly give your kitchen that wow factor.

1. Outline your kitchens needs.

Firstly, understanding what features you want to include in the layout of your kitchen will help inform your designer of the best way to utilise the space. Planning a kitchen centre’s around your primary need for its purpose. For example; a keen cooker is likely to steer towards a design that caters to all their cooking demands. This could mean optimising the surface areas for food preparation. On the other hand, a kitchen island would be the perfect feature for creating a gathering space for friends and family. But planning a kitchen doesn’t stop there. This is because personalising your kitchen down to every detail includes features such as; sinks, taps and fridges. Therefore consideration for these smaller details will help create the perfect kitchen design!

2. Pick your colours wisely.

When choosing the right colour scheme, above all, recognise the space your working with. Make the most of you’re kitchen space and work per its needs. Think Light. Light, bright colour palettes are one of the most effective ways of opening up a room. Not only does it give the impression that space is bigger than it is, but it creates a warming atmosphere. However, light certainly doesn’t have to mean clinical. For example, try complementing white/neutral colours with a secondary, contrasting colour.

 3. Lighting makes all the difference!

Another design trick is to experiment with the different ambience of the room. The difference between a kitchen with and without that WOW factor can result in its lighting. Naturally, some rooms will have dimmer areas where natural light cannot reach. So incorporating artificial lighting can help resolve this issue, creating a light piece of art. Excuse the pun. You could also incorporate for instance; pendants and spotlights into your kitchen design. They are a perfect way of directing tunnels of light in given areas.

4. Work with a focal point.

Carefully considered kitchen designs can turn your kitchen from ‘off the shelf’ to bespoke. For instance, creating a visual focal point in your kitchen layout to instantly catch the attention of your guests. Think of your kitchen as a piece of art. Create that WOW factor by channelling your guest’s attention to specific points within your kitchen. Not sure how you may achieve this? Try exploring unconventional materials, wallpapers or tiles as a starting point. Similarly, this could also be achieved in the way you furnish your kitchen, think of extreme object scales or work with grouped belongings. 

 5. Be playful, mix up your cabinet structures.

Sometimes the feeling of closed cabinets can be too abrupt and stop the free-flowing light and atmosphere around the room. Improve on this by incorporating a mixture of closed and open cabinets. By opening up your cabinets you will in turn create a more inviting space as it stops the room from feeling enclosed.