Our ranges

There are 2 distinct types of kitchen and cabinetry in general we supply; English modern classic and contemporary Italian kitchen from Aran Cucine.

Whether you prefer contemporary Italian or English Classic kitchen, after our initial consultation, we will produce a superb functional, aesthetically pleasing design on paper, followed by computer images of the kitchen and a very competitive quotation. When the kitchen is delivered, perfectly packaged, our team of professional installers will correctly and accurately fit your kitchen.

Are they hot for Italian kitchens in Richmond I hear you ask? Or do they swoon for English Classic kitchens in Twickenham?

Well, there is a principle of “birds of a feather flock together”, however, though the typical South West London housing in East Sheen, Chiswick, Richmond, Twickenham etc is similar, kitchen choice is varied between the two types. It is simply a case of personal taste and irrespective of the effect on property value to tilt the decision. You can fit a period kitchen in a period house but an uber-cool, contemporary kitchen suits just as well … and very often vice versa.

There are many reasons, to do with style, finishes, superior construction and curved options etc, however one main reason is that all cabinetry is made of water repellent material.

For painted Shaker English Classic kitchens there are again two types of kitchens. Firstly in frame butt hinged kitchen cabinets and also the standard Blum concealed hinge, which form the majority of the kitchen market. 

The appearance can be similar at first glance, and in many ways the colour choice has more influence but the  in frame kitchens , which  usually have accompanying dovetail drawers in solid wood, certainly looks more authentic and the small touch of cocked beading around the outer frame adds an eye pleasing  detail that subconsciously registers in the mind. 

Regardless of which type of hinge system on your kitchen, you will be able to  observe period dramas and see the elegant lines and  Artisan craftsmanship reflected in your own home